Cursed Child: Act 1

IMG_1493So, I’ve never been in a position in life where I could buy  a book on a whim, especially not one that I wasn’t completely interested in.  Even when I was working at a book store, I think I only ever bought myself five books in two years.  So I was grocery shopping yesterday, and what should I see but, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for a discounted price with a free poster and everything.  I wasn’t crazy excited about this book, as I wasn’t really into the last three books (I couldn’t tell you, for the life of me, what happens in the seventh book besides “Harry dies”), but I thought, “why not?”

Well, I read act 1 last night and thus far, it’s just all right.  It’s not anything brilliant so far.  A son can’t live up to his historically significant father.  It’s not an original idea and the delivery is pretty heavy-handed with a Albus straight up being sorted into Slytherin and just being different,  in ways that haven’t actually been described beyond him not being as good at magic as his father.  I understand that with a play, you can’t waste as much time on an introduction, but the whole thing seems a bit forced.  It’s definitely a story that would have been better served in the form a novel (I think I’ve head a lot of people saying something similar around the internet).

I’m not giving up on the book or anything, not by a long shot, but I think I’m going to feel much the same about this one as I have about the last three in the series: they were books and I read them.


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