Sole, Lune, e Talia

Copy of Sole, Lune, e Talia

I came across this version of Sun, Moon, and Talia this evening, and seeing as how I wanted to compare Sleeping Beauty to it, I thought I might just sit down and do that tonight.  I’m not going to summarize this tale because I’ve included a link to it and it is an extremely short read.  Instead, I want to discuss a couple of things that came up as I was reading.

I understand the beginning starts out a bit differently, but I would like to start at the part where Talia falls asleep.  The King has her placed on a throne and then abandons the estate entirely unable to bear the pain of what’s happened to his daughter.  I enjoy this particular spot, because a particular quote comes to mind from Sleeping Beauty.  When the fairy comes back to the kingdom, she notes that since, “… all mortals perish within a hundred years or so, when the time came for the Princess to awake, she would be distressed at finding herself orphaned and alone…”  It’s like Perrault read the original tale, and thought, “Gee, it kind of sucks for her to wake up with two kids and not even know why,” so then he just decided to fix that detail by not having her be an instant mother and be surrounding by her family.  Perrault may also have had some issue with the rape which takes place in the original tale which lead to Talia waking up with two children and not even knowing why.  I don’t claim to know much about Perrault. I’ve never done much research on the guy, but I’m interested to know what caused him censor the story in the fashion that he did.  He pretty much takes all of the things that are morally weird about SMT and then fixes them, right down the end of the first part, in which (in SB), Aurora’s father sends a message to the prince’s father so that he won’t be worried about his son.  Thanks, Perrault, that was nice of you.


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