Diomedes is still cool

The Iliad 02Anybody else feel kind of bad when people get described this way?

“Escape?  Take my advice and wipe it from your mind,

good as your message is–you’re in my hands now.”

-Diomedes, Lines 516-17, Book 10, The Iliad

Let me just say that Diomedes continues to be a badass, and that Dolon continues to be the saddest character.

I also have to say, that for a book that was supposed to be about Diomedes and Odysseus being spies and infiltrating the enemy camp, this was a lot shorter, and a lot less graphic of a book than it should have been.  Yes, I understand that the book was just a small spy mission, but damn it, I expected more from a chapter that was purely about Diomedes and Odysseus on their own little outing.  In an epic full of books which drag on and on and on and on and on… I was shocked with how quickly the guys captured a spy, killed him, and then went on the kill twelve other men, capture their horses, and make it back to the Argive camp.  But, oh well.

I suppose if I had to, I could make the argument that the length of this book really just speaks to the efficiency with which these two fine gentlemen can get such a mission done.  But.  You know, I don’t really want to, because what in the world in the point of that?


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