The Iliad 03

So, there’s this thing that happens in the Iliad and you start to recognize it pretty quickly.  Every now and then, the poet takes a moment to pause and introduce you to one or two new characters.  Sometimes he’ll tell you about their home, sometimes he’ll talk about their wealth.  But ultimately, it all comes down to one thing: this person is about to die.  And he’s not just going to die.  He’s going to get killed by one of the main leaders in the fighting, and it’s going to be bloody.  To be fair, the sons of Antenor are introduced in order to deal Agamamnon the wound that will cause him to retreat, but still.  Every time the poet starts dropping names left and right, I can feel a buildup to the backstory behind at least one of them and then I just know:

I’m about to invest myself in a character who’s about to die.


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