Times are Tough with Book 13

So, I was sitting down the read Book 13 in the Iliad here and I thought I was smack in the middle of it.  Turns out I’m five pages into some thirty page book that appears (APPEARS) to be yet another long list of people dying.  I find myself skimming through books like this a lot and I get the feeling that that’s not how one is supposed to read.  I thought that perhaps I might need a break.  However, if I took a break, I would probably lose track of all the names, because that happens when you abandon a book for a while.

I will note that so far, Poseidon has given a particularly rousing speech, and has driven a character to, once again, fight with rocks, which never ceases to amuse me.  However, he has also taken a walk to a temple, which I assume was quite a distance away so that he could get his chariot and ride it to the battle which he had already been close enough to observe, so that was weird.

Anyway, I guess I should quit complaining and get to it, huh?


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