Every morning before work, I wake up, shower, dress myself for the day, open the living room curtains, drink my coffee, and sit down and read for the last thirty minutes before my shift begins.  As some of you may have gathered from a previous post of mine, I have been reading Wuthering Heights.  You may or may not remember my intro post about how my grandfather thinks it’s an incredibly important novel and how my brother-in-law believes that it is this horrible novel about how horrible people can be to each other.

Well, thus far, my brother-in-law is spot on.  I have taken to viewing this novel less as something that I want to immerse myself into and more as something that I am observing from under the table with the notepad and a pen.  I will admit that the dialogue is really very well written and even thought it is probably very dramatized (I don’t know how people actually spoke at the time), it is all very interesting to observe anyway.  It reads to me like a very nicely written shoujo manga.  I said shoujo manga because I have read a lot of them in the past while trying to kill time as I read Wuthering Heights, I can see the horrible things that these people are about to do to each other a million miles away.


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