More Saga

On one last note about Saga, I really enjoyed the art for the most part, but it kind of lacked impact regarding certain scenes such as this one. “Listen to my voice, boy. I’m going to murder you… right after I murder everything you ever loved.” That is a line that is said by a dark, gristly man whose just lost everything. For one thing, there is not enough attachment to The Stalk for the reader to garner this feeling and for another, the art and expression is completely bland here. He doesn’t look terribly angry, just… Like he’s talking to whoever.There is another scene which comes to mind: the scene in which Marko and Alana come to the Uncanny Bridge. There is a huge battle taking place, but they just kind of see it and leave, but the colors and the layout of the page just don’t drive anything home for me. Very bland there too, though I though that the giant-ass turtle with an entire camp on its back was awesome.


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